Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Grand Residence at Lake Tahoe Timeshare Resale

Buying a timeshare resale at Lake Tahoe is a great decision. Once you own one, you will receive amazing vacations year after year. To learn more about timeshare ownership at Lake Tahoe, read through the list below and if you still have more questions, contact one of our independent Lake Tahoe timeshare resale specialists today.

What should I know before buying a timeshare resale at Marriott Grand Residence at Lake Tahoe?

It is critical to think about your personal situation before buying at Lake Tahoe. Determine how much you can afford, what you’re looking for in a unit, and how long you want to spend on vacation each year. This will help you define the season you travel, the type of accommodations you will need, and where you want to go. Ownership rights and maintenance fees are also important to consider. Feel free to call us and one of our independent timeshare resale professionals will provide you with information more specific to your interests.

How do I buy a Marriott Lake Tahoe timeshare resale?

Browse our inventory, find a unit you like, and submit an inquiry. A member of our team of licensed real estate agents will then contact you to discuss the resale process and to help prepare an offer on your Lake Tahoe timeshare.

Can I get financing for a timeshare?

Yes, we provide low interest financing for qualified buyers. You can also talk to your bank about what opportunities they offer.

Will I have to pay maintenance fees at Marriott Lake Tahoe?

All timeshare owners are required to pay a maintenance fee to the resort for annual upkeep and care.

Why should I buy a Marriott Lake Tahoe timeshare?

Purchasing a Lake Tahoe timeshare on the resale market is a great way to save a great deal of money on vacationing. You will be able to enjoy all that the beautiful area has to offer each and every year, such as swimming, boating, hiking, skiing, and other fun activities. Timeshare resales are the most affordable way to travel for average vacationer and we offer the best prices on some of the best Lake Tahoe Grand Residences properties available in the industry. Learn more about Grand Residence timeshare resales.

How is market value determined for Marriott Lake Tahoe resales?

Our Marriott Grand Residence specialists are trained to identify competitive Lake Tahoe resale market price ranges at these resorts by cross-referencing historical sales information, recent offer reports, and our current inventory.

When I buy a resale, how does the ownership transfer?

Closing and title transfer services are offered by a variety of well-respected companies. They can manage the whole process, or you can ask them for specific services that you do not feel comfortable with yourself. Contact us to learn more about recommended closing companies.

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