Frequently Asked Questions About Grand Residence at Lake Tahoe Timeshare Rental

If you are looking for luxury amenities and accommodations, but still want to save money on your vacation, renting a Grand Residence timeshare at Lake Tahoe is a great option. Renting a timeshare provides access to resort amenities such as pools, sun decks, and fitness centers, while remaining significantly less expensive than comparable hotels.

Renting Marriott Lake Tahoe Timeshare

If you are interested in renting a Lake Tahoe timeshare, learn more about the process in the frequently asked questions below.

How do I find a unit to rent?

Search our timeshares for rent to find what you are looking for. There are a variety of unit sizes available at Lake Tahoe.

Is it possible to book a unit at Marriott Lake Tahoe during any week that I want? cannot guarantee that any particular week or unit will be available at Lake Tahoe. You will be responsible for finding the unit that best meets the needs of you and your family. It is good to be flexible when considering renting.

If you want to guarantee a week or a unit, you can browse our timeshares for sale and purchase one.

What are the benefits of renting?

Renting gives you flexibility with your vacation that other options do not provide. You do not have to pay any maintenance fees or taxes as you would if you owned the unit; and you can find great accommodations at a low price, compared to equivalent hotel lodging.

Renting Out Grand Residences Lake Tahoe Timeshare Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an owner interested in renting out your Lake Tahoe timeshare, find information about it here.

How do I rent out my Marriott timeshare?

To rent out your Lake Tahoe property, you should contact one of our rental specialists. They will discuss the details of your rental property and your goals, and then walk you through the process, help you set up an ad, and set you on the road to success.

What are the benefits to renting out my Marriott Lake Tahoe unit?

  • Make back some of the maintenance fees and taxes when you can’t use the property.
  • Save some money when you are trying to sell the property.
  • Give someone an opportunity for an amazing vacation.
  • Hang onto the property during times of economic difficulty by covering costs with a rental.
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